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Apartment Security

What Las Vegas Home Security Customers Can Learn from Apartment Security

Apartment security and home security aren’t always identical, but Las Vegas homeowners can learn from the home security efforts of many apartment complexes. Here are three takeaway tips for homeowners. 

1. Fortify your castle. 

Your home is your castle, and a castle needs to be fortified. Many apartment buildings have nailed this idea perfectly, with strategic landscaping that eliminates hiding spots and lights that illuminate the property brightly at night. In fact, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has offered a program for certified crime-free apartments in Las Vegas for the last 27 years. To earn certification, complexes must have window locks on bottom floor units, 3-inch screws on door hardware, barrier landscaping and adequate lighting. The program has been wildly successful at reducing 911 calls and keeping tenants safe. Homeowners can take the same home security measures to fortify their Las Vegas properties, and hopefully enjoy the same results. 

2. Look out for your neighbors. 

Apartment complexes are notorious for fostering community among their residents, especially when apartment neighbors look out for each other’s safety. Homeowners in single family home neighborhoods can do the same thing, with or without a formal neighborhood watch program. At the very minimum, says the Las Vegas Police’s neighborhood watch page, you should know the neighbors who live on all sides of you and learn what vehicles belong at those homes. T

he department’s standout tip underscores the simplicity of the neighborhood watch concept: Neighbors watching out for each other is the basic concept of neighborhood patrolling.

3. Get the right technology. 

Although electronic security systems may not be installed at every apartment unit in a complex, the safest properties have video surveillance installed throughout the grounds. Doorbell cameras are great for single family homes, but apartment complexes have set the standard for home security by monitoring walkways and common areas with security cameras. For many apartment managers, this is the most practical way to provide their tenants with home security. Las Vegas homeowners can learn from this by going beyond the doorbell camera and having smart home cameras watching over other access points around their properties. 

These are some of the lessons that the safest apartment complexes in Las Vegas can teach homeowners about home security. To get started with smart home cameras, whole home monitoring or our other smart home security technology, call Sting Alarm today. We look forward to helping you make your home a safer place to be. 

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