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Sting Security Cameras Las Vegas

Sting Security Cameras Las Vegas – Next Generation Security Systems

In the past few years, the security industry has experienced some substantial growth for both residential and business use. As consumer trends continue to evolve, so does the technology that they want to use in their everyday lives. Recent advancements in security technology have made implementing these systems a lot more attractive, both for protecting homes and keeping businesses safe.


However, many of us might be on the fence about whether or not a camera security system is worth the investment and can actually, tangibly improve our quality of life. In short, it can– now that security camera technology has improved so drastically.


Are you interested in investing in security cameras in Las Vegas but don’t know if the technology is right for you? Let’s take a look at some recent advancements in security system technology, some use cases for residential homes and businesses, and how Sting Alarm can help you implement the best possible security system for your needs.


The Recent Tech Advancements Behind Security Cameras


Back in the day, security cameras boasted less than ideal definition and video quality. Today’s cameras have experienced drastic improvements in the quality of video that they are able to capture. It’s as simple as the difference in video quality your smartphone camera has now compared to just a short few years ago.


High definition cameras are becoming more accessible to the public, and they provide improved motion sensing, night vision, and more. Motion sensing in particular could be an excellent investment for businesses that want to improve their security systems.


Motion sensing technology has become significantly more effective and has been developed to ignore specific situations, such as small wildlife or weather conditions. Low-light or “infrared modes” have also improved in quality and accessibility, making it possible for customers to capture extremely detailed footage at night in unlit areas such as offices or homes.


With improved video quality and motion sensing ability, comes the need for adequate storage options. Which has led to yet another capability today’s best security cameras provide.


Older video cameras typically send video feeds directly to DVRs, that require significant amounts of storage space. Today’s cloud storage options have made storage increasingly accessible and the security of that storage much stronger. 24 Hour continuous recording is now more secure, affordable and easier to implement than ever before.


How Security Cameras are Best Utilized in Homes and Businesses


Residential homes and businesses have different needs when it comes to security. For example, one may only want a security system to be used at home during babysitting hours with cameras in just a few rooms. Businesses like banks, on the other hand, require a more robust security system solution complete with security features to prevent hacking or tampering.


Use Cases for Security Cameras – Commercial and Residential Security Cameras in Las Vegas


There are quite a few use cases out there for security camera technology on numerous implementation levels:

  • Caregiver and child monitoring. Nanny cams have become quite popular within the last decade or so. Indoor cameras can be activated by parents and watched remotely via smartphone technology. Just as well, this technology has become quite popular as a solution to outdated baby monitors. Security camera systems with motion detection can be placed near cribs and playpens to supervise children who are under the care of a babysitter or momentarily unattended.
  • Package delivery. Another case for residential security camera use has to be package monitoring. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are opting to conduct more purchases online for delivery than ever before. Unfortunately, theft can be an issue if packages are left unattended. Video Doorbell Cameras can easily be installed outdoors and fitted with remote access technology & motion-sensing features to identify when packages are dropped off to the home. They are designed to notify if a thief approaches your home to steal your belongings. Video Doorbell Cameras are also well known contributors to safer neighborhoods and often assist law enforcement in their efforts to clean up communities.
  • Operations monitoring. When many business owners think of complex security systems, they think of loss prevention or crime prevention. While a top-tier camera security system can absolutely provide this use case for most businesses, another hidden benefit of such systems would be operations monitoring. If your business is run in a warehouse or you oversee production from your suppliers, a camera system with high definition video can help you stay connected to your company’s daily operations. You can easily manage store lines, streamline your workflows, and keep an eye on employee activities through live or recorded video footage, all through your mobile device.
  • Employee safety. Along with operations monitoring, a camera security system can also help you stay compliant with safety regulations by making access to your video surveillance system a simple process. Increasing your employee’s safety can also keep you, the business owner, safe from employee lawsuits by giving a more thorough view of incidents that occur.


Security Cameras Las Vegas – Sting Alarm Provides Advanced Technology and Systems to Local Residents


Las Vegas based security alarm company Sting Alarm is providing the best security alarm technology for residents and business owners in the area. Our mission is a simple one– the focus on our customers and meeting their demand for state-of-the-art technology and dependable service.


Sting currently outperforms other local security companies with our top-tier service, agreeable pricing, and advanced technologies. We’ve had our thumb on the pulse of new and disruptive security technology for years, and we’re proud to provide personalized buying experiences to our customers.


Get in touch with Sting today to learn more about how we can implement A.I. and home security systems for your home and business!

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