Protecting Your Assets Surveillance systems

The main advantage of a video surveillance system is the ability to detect, mitigate and manage potential security risks even before they happen. Being able to evaluate surveillance footage will allow you to identify potential risks, target trouble areas, minimize loss of inventory, safeguard against vandalism and protect employees and customers against violence. Video surveillance… Read more »

Success Using Business & Technology

Jon Perry is an entrepreneur and vice president of Sting Alarm and Sting Surveillance, utilizing his degree in management information systems. Combining business and the latest in technology, Perry’s company offers the most advanced, cutting-edge alarm monitoring and surveillance solutions to businesses and residential customers. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from… Read more »

Alarm Devices and Options – TOTAL CONNECT – Home or Business Automation Package

In today’s digital era, it has become increasingly important to utilize technological advancements to remain competitive. Sting’s new Total Connect™ Remote Services solutions are now available to help you take advantage of all the amazing benefits next-generation digital technology has to offer – including enhanced communication and the ability to stay connected to your home and business from anywhere… Read more »

Alarm Devices and Options – Total Connect – IP Camera

Requires 802.11g/n Wireless protocol connected through our Wireless Access Point. Up to 6 IP Cameras may be viewed through Total Connect Service. Service can be set for remote on demand view or e-mail of “clips” during a programmed schedule or event.

Alarm Devices and Options – Interactive Thermostat

As part of Sting’s Total Connect™ Home Automation Package. When combined with our GSM Radio, this remotely controlled thermostat allows you to control your HVAC system through our Total Connect system and your smart phone or any computer or web-enabled tablet.

Alarm Devices and Options – Water Sensors

Functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, water sensors are positioned near potential problem areas such as major appliances or your water heater. Sensors can detect rising water sources before costly damage occurs.