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Smart Lighting

How Smart Lighting Systems Help Automate Your Las Vegas Home

As smart home security continues to advance, your home gets more intelligent, making life more convenient for your family. A smart home security system allows you to automate many things around the house, like thermostat settings and lighting.

Smart bulbs, switches, and plugs let you automate when the lights in your home turn on or off for the day or when you come home. Here are some ways intelligent lighting systems enhance your home security and convenience.

Smart Switches, Plugs, and Bulbs

Smart lighting is the easiest intelligent home technology to use. All you need to do is screw in smart lightbulbs, install smart switches, or use a smart plug for more versatility. Smart home technology is in the base of the bulb in smart bulbs, and these are the easiest intelligent lighting products to install.

Smart switches are harder to install, but they enhance your home design and allow you to use regular lightbulbs in your intelligent home system.

But the smart plug allows for more versatility because you can plug in any lamp or electronic and automate it with your security system. These plugs allow you to automate ordinary lighting and electronics and are a great way to save energy.

Should You Get a Complete Smart Home Solution or Standalone Product?

You could easily DIY a smart lighting system by purchasing light bulbs, switches, and plugs and installing them yourself. But if you want to do a smart home upgrade, it’s better to get your lighting installed as part of a smart home solution.

With a complete solution, your lighting will have access to the intelligence all over your house. That makes all your intelligent products more efficient and proactive in the things they can do for you. Plus, your home security cameras can even help you guard your mail and packages when you’re not home.

For example, you can program the system to automatically turn your lights on when you get close to home. The system can even disarm the alarm, unlock your smart locks, and open the garage door.

You can create scenes like this where you control several devices that you can activate with just the touch of a button on any family member’s smartphone.

If you’re interested in a complete smart home security solution, contact us at Sting Alarm. We can help you customize a system that matches the unique requirements of your Las Vegas home.

Sting Alarm

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