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Smart Cameras

Why Homeowners in Vegas Need Smart Cameras for Their Homes

Although the crime rate has decreased in Las Vegas, Sin City still has a violent crime and burglary rate that is above the national average. According to Neighborhood Scout, there were 3,574 violent crimes and 18,402 property crimes in Las Vegas.

However, thanks to increased awareness regarding home security in Las Vegas and advancements made by home surveillance companies, the number of potential crimes and incidents of false alarms may be reduced. With the help of home security monitoring services, the authorities will be able to attend to a situation quickly and discourage the number of property crimes in Las Vegas.

False Alarms in Las Vegas

False alarms are one of the biggest nuisances for police not just in Las Vegas but in other states as well. False alarms can be caused by anything, including animals, objects, and the weather.

It can be very costly to homeowners and the local authorities. In fact, some states practice issuing hefty fines to homeowners consistently responsible for generating false alarms. In addition, police officers are unwilling to respond to unverified home security alarms in Las Vegas and all throughout Clark County. This means that if you do not currently have video verification of an alarm event, in many cases the burglar will have enough time to get away with your valuables before the police respond.

Our Las Vegas police force has limited resources and manpower, they cannot respond with urgency to every single alarm, especially considering that most alarms are considered “false”.

So, the city introduced “Verified Response” in 1991 in a bid to curb false alarms. Verified Response requires eye-witness verification before the police department can be deployed. As such, home surveillance companies that serve areas under Verified Response require confirmation of a triggered alarm event before they consider it a real emergency and alert the local authorities.

Smart Cameras

As you can imagine, this can be a huge problem for people who do not have video surveillance along with their home security systems in Las Vegas. Sting Alarm can offer you a security camera that enables video verification of alarm events and monitoring services that rapidly verify property emergencies and dispatch appropriate authorities.

Sting Alarm provides high-quality home security Las Vegas can trust! We install monitored video surveillance systems within homes that allow access to video recordings during alarm events. This way, our monitoring service will be able to verify the alarm almost instantly and dispatch the appropriate authorities quickly. Video verifications help cut down incidents of false alarms by up to 98%.

Smart Cameras

Why You Need Home Security in Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ “Verified Response” policy means that your home should have either a home security monitoring system or an armed guard service. That is because you are going to need one or the other to verify an alarm before the police are able to respond. Since an armed guard can cost a lot of money in the long run, it is best to keep your home protected with a high-quality home security system that features cameras with video verification capability.

Not only does a home security system protect your home, it also deters crime since 40% of burglars avoid robbing a home if they see it is equipped with a video camera. Home security cameras not only enable video verification of alarm events, they provide evidence for the police and help them catch criminals.

Home Security Video Verification

Video verification is the best way to protect the peripheral property around your home. Sting Alarms home security systems come with video verification functionality as well as A.I. powered video analytics, a state-of-the-art technology that differentiates between plant life, people, and vehicles. Stop wasting your time and attention on notifications that do not provide actionable value. Benefit from Sting Alarms advanced home security cameras and receive only the alerts that matter!

Smart Cameras

When an alarm is triggered, Sting Alarms security cameras spring to life and immediately begin recording footage of whatever may have caused the alarm. For customers with 24/7 alarm monitoring, this footage is then sent to the alarm monitoring station. The alarm monitoring station then reviews the footage and determines whether it is a false alarm or a crime in progress. This is considered the “video verification” process and once an alarm is verified, the alarm monitoring station is then able to dispatch the police and other emergency services.  This streamlined process is often what enables the police to respond fast enough to catch burglars and thieves in the act!

Even if the burglar is able to get away, video surveillance can provide valuable information to the police that helps them identify the suspect and convict them. The same footage is also surprisingly useful for filing subsequent home insurance claims!

Smart Cameras

Sting Alarm Offers Home Security Las Vegas Can Trust!

Sting Alarm is one of the leading home surveillance companies in Las Vegas. We offer remote monitoring and video surveillance services that can help you check in on your household throughout the day, no matter where you are. Our home security systems are custom built to provide optimal security for each individual property owners specific needs.

If you want to keep your property safe, visit us at, or give us a call at 702-737-8464  so that we can create a customized home surveillance and security plan just for you!