With Increase in Stolen Firearms, Sting Surveillance Expert Shares Safety Tips

Firearm safety

With Increase in Stolen Firearms, Sting Surveillance Expert Shares Safety Tips

Residents should store and secure their firearms even when investing in a home security system

firearm safetyMarch 22, 2012, Henderson, Nev.—Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reports seeing an increase in cases of stolen firearms. Thieves are breaking into homes and vehicles, burglarizing the property and leaving with any handguns they find. LVMPD issued a crime alert notice that states, “While all property belonging to a homeowner is important, the fact that firearms (handguns) can be easily found and removed during a burglary is of particular danger.”

Jon Perry, the senior vice president with Henderson-based Sting Alarm, Inc. and Sting Surveillance, said that with a small investment in surveillance, this kind of situation can be avoided entirely.

“When it comes to stolen handguns, the threat is twofold,” said Perry, “First, the gun owner loses his or her sense of security and feels violated—that’s something that’s very challenging to restore. And second, now you have an armed criminal. This dangerous situation could lead to tragedy beyond burglary. It’s a wake-up call and a reminder of just how important it is to keep your home and your belongs secure.”

Perry said the best way to minimize crime is through technology and surveillance. Sting Alarm, Inc. works with homeowners and small businesses, including retailers, to tailor advanced systems that fit the needs of each unique client. The camera systems are programmed to actually notify the property owner if something is awry. “Our high-quality mega-pixel cameras capture images with a clarity that’s often even better than vision,” said Perry. “We’ve found that stationing them out front, in plain view, often serves as a good deterrent to crime.”

In addition to securing your home, Perry emphasizes that it’s important to listen to experts, like LVMPD. “These guys have their fingers on the pulse of the latest happenings,” says Perry. “If they’re warning you about something, I strongly suggest you listen. That could be the first step toward prevention.”

In its crime alert, LVMPD states that it’s important to register and secure firearms at all times. Police officials have published a series of tips to prevent such crimes at http://twitpic.com/8ntsh8, including the following:

  • Homeowners should always store firearms in a manner consistent with safety and theft prevention. Never leave an unsecured firearm in a home or vehicle.
  • Firearms that are easily accessible to the homeowner are easily accessible to the burglar. Burglars know the common hiding spots.
  • Unsecured firearms fall into the hands of the criminal and pose a threat to the homeowner if they come home and interrupt the burglary. Stolen firearms end up on the street and in the hands of criminals who use them to commit a variety of other crimes. Secure your firearms at all times.

Securing Techniques

  • Common, but very vulnerable and not recommended places homeowners keep firearms include:
    • Master bedroom nightstands
    • Dresser drawers
    • Under the mattress
    • In a closet
  • Other vulnerable places of storage in a home may be of individual preference to the homeowner, usually based upon their anticipation of needing to retrieve their firearm in a dangerous or threatening situation. This can be a risky practice.
  • Gun safes/cabinets or other safe firearm storage options can be implemented by the homeowner. Visit a gun sales showroom to learn your options.
  • Trigger locks should be present on all firearms.