Phone Surveillance

What is Fido doing?

We love our pets and oftentimes wish we could take them everywhere we go. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the luxury of bringing our pets along with us every day. But leaving them at home has us wondering what Max and Bella are doing all day long (and if they’re up to no good). Thanks to the technological advancements in home security, you are now able to check on your pets from anywhere in the world.

Installing security cameras has always been a great way see what is going on inside your home while you are away. With the recent advancements in security camera technology, wireless security cameras have paved the way for better camera placement and simplified installation. Placing additional cameras at lower positions and angles make wireless security cameras perfect for use as “Pet Cams.”

Imagine being able to check up on your house and your pets, all on your smart-phone from anywhere in the world. You can now with Sting Alarm! Make sure to ask one of our security experts how you can add wireless cameras to your Sting Alarm system.