Tips for Staying Safe at Work

Unless you work from home, you most likely spend a very significant number of hours and days at your workplace. Although safety at the workplace might not be something that you give much thought to, it’s always a good idea to keep the following simple tips in mind:

  • Keep your purse, briefcase, keys, and other valuables in a safe place, with you, or locked in a drawer or closet at all times.
  • Know where your company keeps its first aid/emergency kit. If your company doesn’t have one, keep your own first aid/emergency kit supplies in an easily accessible location. The kit should include band-aids, gauze pads, disinfectant, a flashlight, ibuprofen, and anything else that you deem necessary.
  • Know your company’s emergency and fire escape plan. You should also be aware of your company’s general security system, whether that consists of cameras, accessible security guards, key cards, and so forth.
  • Keep an updated inventory list of any expensive and/or important equipment or products that you have – photos wouldn’t hurt either.
  • Report anything that could potentially be harmful to you or your co-workers, such as dimly lit corridors, broken windows, doors that don’t lock properly, uneven carpet/floors, protruding furniture, etc..
  • Always be cautious when allowing new visitors into the workplace – including deliverymen and handymen. Make sure that they are being expected and properly identify themselves.
  • Try not to stay late if you’ll be alone in your work place. If your parking garage/lot requires quite a bit of walking, create a buddy system or ask a security guard (if applicable) to escort you.
  • Don’t forget to “say something if you see something!” If you notice signs of any sort of violence or harassment towards a fellow employee, or if you are being harassed or made to feel uncomfortable, report it immediately to the appropriate person.