Thieves break into as many as 7 Las Vegas restaurants

No arrests have yet been made in regards to 7 restaurant burglaries that took place early Monday morning.  As many as 7 restaurants were broken into and 2 suspects seem to have been involved.  Food and drinks were stolen from the restaurants, although no cash was taken.

Officers say burglaries were reported between 1 and 5 a.m at a Jimmy John’s near Craig Road and Jones Boulevard, as well as at Cheyenne Avenue and Jones Boulevard, Sahara Avenue and Torrey Pines Drive, Cimarron Road and Sahara Avenue, Cheyenne Avenue and Buffalo, and Decatur Boulevard and Cheyenne Avenue.

Although the suspects entered certain locations via a drive-thru window and other businesses were supposed to have a security guard on duty, it seems strange that there are no reports of an alarm system going off or of video surveillance that could have captured images of the thieves.