Sting Alarm, Inc. Shares Tips on Protecting Your Family During the Holidays

Sting Alarm, Inc. Shares Tips on Protecting Your Family During the Holidays

Henderson, Nevada, December 14, 2011… If someone is actually climbing down your chimney this holiday season, it’s probably time to install a security system. Crime climbs during the holidays, and across the nation, police departments are providing tips on staying safe. In fact, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has its own "holiday initiative," targeting crime through January 1.

Jon Perry, vice president of Sting Alarm, Inc., based in Henderson, said that it’s important to be vigilant. "Holiday season is a big time for home invasions," said Perry. "With presents piled up near the tree and overflowing shopping bags filling cars, thieves are surrounded by expensive temptations."

It’s not just consumers who should be on alert. The holidays are also prime time for shoplifting. According to Ad Week, one in every 11 people leaves a store with merchandise they didn’t pay for. In 2011, retailers will lose nearly $119 billion of merchandise to shoplifters, up 6 percent from 2010. Ad Week said that some of the most popular items to shoplift include filet mignon, Jameson, electric tools and the iPhone 4.

Jonathan Fine, president of Sting Alarm and Sting Surveillance, said it’s important for consumers and retailers, alike, to take a common-sense approach to crime prevention. "Studies have shown more than half of break-ins aren’t break-ins at all—they’re walk-ins that occur when a door or window is left unlocked," said Fine, citing a Consumer Reports survey from June 2011, called "Making a Break-in Too Easy." "On top of that, nearly half of people who own an alarm system don’t always turn it on while they’re home. My first suggestion is to make sure you have an alarm system. My second suggestion is to be sure and use it."

Sting provided the following tips to keep your home safe during the holidays and year round:

  • Always keep your doors and windows locked, whether you’re at home or in the car.
  • Store gifts and valuables out of view of passersby and visitors, both at home and in the car.
  • If you go out at night, leave on lights and/or radio to make the house appear occupied. And if you leave town, be sure to put your lights on a timer and have the mail and paper delivery stopped.
  • After Christmas, break down and obscure boxes from new electronics and other pricey gifts. No need to advertise your newest additions.
  • Shop before dark, if possible, and take a friend when you can. If it is dark, always park near a light and don’t hesitate to ask for a security escort.
  • Be alert in crowds. Thieves often depend on distraction and crowds provide that.

For more holiday safety tips or other information, Sting ( may be reached at 877-690-5814.


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