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Sting Alarm to Homeowners: "Close the Door on Crime"

Sting Alarm is urging homeowners to play a larger role in deterring crime in their own communities. The Henderson, Nevada-based company is releasing a series of consumer tips to educate residents on simple ways to keep their homes safe.

Jon Perry, senior vice president for Sting Alarm, said open garage doors provide an invitation to covertly enter a property. "We’ve seen too many incidents where homeowners could have avoided break-ins by simply closing their garage doors," Perry said.

"By keeping a door open, you’re making it that much easier for someone to break into your home or automobile, or even take valuables out of your garage." Perry added that many homeowners keep valuables visible in their garages, such as expensive tools and bikes. That, he said, can be enticing to passersby, whether a door is open or not. He added that 60 percent of residential break-ins occur when thieves force a door open.

In the city of North Las Vegas, police promote a program encouraging residents to close their garage doors. According to Chrissie Coon, public information officer for the North Las Vegas Police Department, residents need to be vigilant about basic safety. "Homeowners can make their homes far less attractive to burglars looking for an easy target by simply closing their garage doors," said Coon.

To learn more about the North Las Vegas program, download the Shut The Door On Crime PDF.


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