Sting Alarm, Inc. – Caught on Camera: Casino Security Technology Scores Best Footage of CES

Caught on Camera: Casino Security Technology Scores Best Footage of CES

Henderson, Nevada, January 17, 2012 – As TV news cameras angled for the hottest shots of the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the best shots in the house, hands down, belonged to the high-tech security system at the Las Vegas Convention Center and other host casinos.

It’s only fitting that a technology-centric show happens in the midst of some of the city’s most advanced technology.

In addition to work with homeowners and small businesses, the Henderson-based Sting Alarm, Inc. and sister company Sting Surveillance work with gaming companies nationwide to deliver the most advanced technologies, suited to their security needs. Gaming is a growing part of Sting’s business.

Jon Perry, senior vice president of Sting, said that the latest advances in casino security involve the move from analog to IP cameras.
IP cameras stream better than DVD-quality video, and provide a quality video that has never been used in the gaming industry.

"The newer mega pixel IP cameras produce images that can be zoomed in digitally without losing much detail. This allows the casino operators to see what is happening with better clarity and make them more effective in protecting the casino’s games." says Perry.

"Some of our newer cameras actually have a 5 mega pixel camera and can see 360 degrees. This fisheye camera allows you to monitor all angles of a location using just one camera. The distorted hemispherical image of the fisheye camera will be converted into the conventional rectilinear projection. This allows us to view any perspective that the camera can ‘see’ at any time and from any angle or vantage point. "

He adds that the goal of Sting Alarm is to use technology to help solve crimes as they happen—not just record it for after the fact. "Using these new cameras helps our customers accomplish this goal."

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