Sting Alarm Consumer Alert:

Sting customers should be on alert for double billing scam 

The safety and security of every one of our customers is of the utmost importance at Sting Alarm. In an effort to protect our customers, we wanted to warn you about a series of double billing scams that have been taking place in your community over the last few months.

Residents in your neighborhood have received unsolicited visits by an agent from a security company other than Sting Alarm. This is a red flag. We do not show up at your door to fix or replace equipment without calling ahead to make an appointment with you. You should always take the time to make a phone call to us at 866-847-8464 before you do anything regarding your security system.

Should someone show up unannounced, please be aware of how the fraud scheme will unfold. You will receive an unsolicited telephone call or a knock on your door and be told they now have ownership of your alarm system(s) or have taken over your account. The salesman starts making false statements similar to the following: your current alarm company has been sold, is going out of business, is going into bankruptcy, or they have obtained all rights to your account. The salesman will want to change the programming for your alarm system and update your paperwork by writing a new contract with their company.

Before you make any decisions, take a moment and call Sting Alarm at 866-847-8464 to confirm that you’re still under contract with us. Signing a new contract may obligate you to a second alarm company and their charges. Without due diligence, you will start getting bills for two alarm systems becoming a “double billing” scam. You are often left paying both bills, costing hundreds of dollars.

All alarm businesses in Nevada are required to be licensed. You should always check the agent’s ID and the company’s license before you allow any work on your alarm system.