Safe Lock

Is your safe actually safe?

When it comes to securing your belongings, the first product many consumers consider is a safe. These lockable boxes can help secure valuable items against theft and even fire. Safes can easily be purchased from the internet, office supply stores, and hypermarkets, like Walmart. Once you have purchased your safe and placed it in your home, it’s time to wonder: Is my safe actually safe?

Before purchasing a safe, there are a few things to consider. Of primary importance, where are you going to place the safe? Deciding the location of your new safe will allow you to purchase the right size safe and secure it correctly. Yes, you read that correctly – you must secure your secure lock box. One of the best ways to secure your safe is by bolting it down to the floor. Oftentimes, a burglar will steal the entire safe in order to try opening it later, but any attempt to move it will be thwarted if the safe is bolted to the floor.

Looking to make your safe more secure? Add a wireless Sting Alarm door sensor to your safe, giving you the ability to be notified any time your safe’s door is open. This can be very helpful if you live in a home where many people have access to the safe but shouldn’t be going into it unless there is an emergency. Make sure to ask one of our security experts how you can add a wireless door sensor to your Sting Alarm system.