Protecting Your Assets Surveillance systems

The main advantage of a video surveillance system is the ability to detect, mitigate and manage potential security risks even before they happen. Being able to evaluate surveillance footage will allow you to identify potential risks, target trouble areas, minimize loss of inventory, safeguard against vandalism and protect employees and customers against violence. Video surveillance also allows you to efficiently manage your business. You can observe the habits of employees and customers in order to maximize productivity and enhance the consumer experience.

Video Verification

One of the most valuable functions of adding video cameras to your home alarm system is the ability for the alarm monitoring station to verify your sounding alarm by viewing your camera and identifying the intruder. The simple fact of having a video verification gives your alarm a priority response to emergency responders. Most municipalities will now only respond to alarms that have been verified, so adding a camera to your home alarm system now makes more sense than ever. To illustrate the importance of video verification, take a look at this linked video that shows actual alarm responses that captured in real time.