Mobile Technology from Sting Alarm Takes Home Security With You

Mobile Technology from Sting Alarm, Inc. Takes Home Security With You.

Advanced camera systems allow homeowners to be vigilant via cell phone.

Honeywell's Total Connect System provided by Sting AlarmApril 18, 2012, Henderson, Nev.—A cell phone can act as a lifeline, particularly when it comes to home security. Sting Alarm, Inc. specializes in camera systems that have a built-in web server, allowing mobile users to view remotely what is happening at their home or business. They can also operate their home security system and other systems throughout their home with the touch of a cell phone button, regardless of where they are.

“Our customers are able to arm or disarm their alarm, adjust the thermostat, turn on and off lights and lock or unlock doors from their phone,” said Jon Perry, vice president and partner for Sting Alarm, Inc., based in Henderson. “Our system can even send email alerts to notify the customer that someone has disarmed their alarm, and then pull up live video off their cameras.” Sting technology is available on all Apple, Android and Blackberry platforms.

Sting Alarm, Inc., which serves customers nationally, uses high-quality mega pixel cameras to transmit precise details, in real time. Perry says that the goal of Sting is to stay one step ahead of potential thieves. “The software is advancing every day, and that helps us achieve our goal of protecting your home and your family,” said Perry.


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