Congratulations on your purchase of a new Lennar home.

Sting Alarm & Surveillance, in cooperation with Lennar Homes, is offering alarm equipment and monitoring services for home protection/alarm system in your new home at a special discounted rate.

For Lennar models with Sting Alarm equipment already installed, we offer:

Our 36 month monitoring package is offered to Lennar customers at a discounted price of $32.95 per month (usually $37.95).

For Lennar models that do not yet have Sting Alarm equipment installed, we offer:

The installation of a base alarm system* for $9.99 (usually $99.00) plus a 36 monitoring package of $34.95 per month (usually $37.95).

We also offer full home automation solutions, including the ability to arm/disarm your security system from your iPhone or Android device, automated door locks, remote control over your lighting, thermostat and other system throughout your new home.

Finally, if you are looking for additional security features for your new home, like interior or exterior cameras, we will provide a discounted price to new Lennar homeowners on those products.

*Base alarm system consists of Honeywell control panel, 1 keypad, 3 door or window sensors, 1 pet-immune infrared motion detector, 1 audible siren and 1 key fob remote.