Sting Alarm, Inc. – In Wake of ‘smash-and-grab’ Robbery

Sting Surveillance Expert Shares Safety Tips:
In Wake of ‘smash-and-grab’ Robbery, Professional Says it’s Important to be Vigilant

Following an armed robbery Sunday, February 12 at a Henderson jewelry store, retailers and residents across the Valley are reminded of just how vulnerable we can be. The suspects used hammers to break windows and steal merchandise before fleeing the scene.

According to police spokesman Keith Paul, this is the first "smash-and-grab" the department has seen in recent years. Jon Perry, senior vice president with Sting Alarm, Inc. and Sting Surveillance, said that with a small investment in surveillance, criminals can be easily deterred and/or caught in a case such as this.

"Typically, a ‘smash-and-grab’ is done at a commercial business with an exposed front to the store. It is easy for the burglar to smash a window, run in, clear as much out as possible and leave, all within a minute or two," said Perry. "We see these types of burglaries at stores that are tucked away, not in plain sight, that easily go unnoticed afterhours."

Perry said that at Sing Alarm, Inc., which works with homeowners and small businesses, including retailers, he sees thieves constantly coming up with new ways to steal. The best way to minimize that, he says, is technology and surveillance. "Using cameras that are stationed out front is a good deterrent," said Perry. "So is a sticker on the front door that says ‘You’re being recorded.’"

Perry recommends high-quality megapixel cameras, such as those sold by Sting Alarm, Inc., because of the precise detail they capture. He says people should keep in mind other advances in software when shopping for a surveillance system. "By using advanced video analytics features, we can actually have the camera system notify the owner if something happens that shouldn’t," said Perry. "The software is getting more advanced every year, and becoming more effective in being proactive to security threats."


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