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Is your home vacation ready?

Everyone is eager to begin to vacation, but also wants to leave with the peace of mind knowing someone is keeping an eye on things while they’re away. You can do just that when your home is monitored by Sting Alarm powered by technology. Pack your bags and go. The app may be one of most the valuable items used during your vacation.

Instant Alerts:

The app can be configured to provide instant alerts such as a door opening, motion sensor, fire or pipe. Temporary access codes can be set up for house-sitters with notifications when they arrive, leave or don’t show up.

Video Access:

Check in on your home at any time. You can select a video camera feed and view in real time exactly what’s going on.

Smart Connections:

Through the app, you can also quickly scan the status of door locks, thermostat, lights and garage door that are smart device enabled.


There’s no need to have anyone wait at your home all day for deliveries when you have a doorbell camera, such as Skybell, integrated with your security system. You’re able to communicate with the delivery person and remotely unlock the door for them to leave the package inside.

All that is left to do is enjoy your time away!