Home Security Tips for Frequent Travelers

Even though the excitement or endless list of tasks to accomplish prior to traveling can take over our minds, it’s extremely important to always protect one of our biggest assets – our homes. With over two million houses burglarized in the United States each year, take note of the following security tips so that you can travel worry-free.

  • Make it look like you’re actually home 
    A dark, abandoned home can make you an easy target. Try automating or pre-programming your lights and/or stereo to have them switch on at a certain time every day.
  • Monitor your house…even when you’re not home 
    Although there is no comparison to having a professional security system that monitors your home while you’re traveling, another easy (albeit time-consuming) way to do so is by installing security cameras. You could also ask a trusted neighbor or close friend who lives nearby to keep an eye out for any strange activity.
  • Always be prepared 
    No one wants to imagine his or her home being broken into, but it’s always best to be prepared! Check your insurance policies and make sure that your coverage includes robberies. Take and store photos of your belongings – the first thing your insurance company will ask for in the event of a break-in is evidence of what was stolen and damaged.