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Home Automation – Lighting

“Alexa – please turn off the lights.”

Lighting is one of our favorite components of home automation. Imagine being able to adjust your lights with a couple taps of your smart-phone or by simply speaking to your Smart Speaker. Lighting in home automation helps simplify your life in ways you used to see only in movies. The ease of use and security benefits alone make it worth the investment.

As humans evolve, so does technology and home automation. Gone are the days of walking into your dark home at nighttime. You are now able to set your lights to turn on when the sun sets or when it your Smart Home controller senses that you are in close proximity of your home. I’m sure you can recall a handful of nights where you realized that you forgot to turn off your living room lights before getting into bed. Instead of getting out of bed, now all you have to do is pick up your smart-phone to turn those lights off.

The security benefits of lighting in home automation are also attractive. When the sun sets and all the lights in your home are off, it creates the allusion that the home is vacant, giving burglars an open invitation to enter. Now you can remotely turn on the lights in your home from your smart-phone or set your lights to turn on when the sun sets, making lighting changes a seamless experience.

The introduction of Smart Light Bulbs has taken lighting in home automation to the next level with the ability to change the color temperature of your lights and even the color itself. Switch from a dim, warm white light while you’re watching a movie to soft blue lights when you want to relax. Surprisingly, this type of lighting can have health benefits including improved concentration and productivity, decreased fatigue, aid in falling asleep, and more.

Home automation is evolving every day and the tools that you need to do it are becoming easily available to the average consumer. Even Smart Speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Google Home are making their way into the home automation world. Make sure to ask one of our security experts how you can integrate lighting in home automation with your Sting Alarm.