Halloween Safety Trick-Or-Treating

Tips to Protect Your Home on Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and whether you will be handing out candy from your front door, trick-or-treating with your family, or away on business, it can be a worrisome time for homeowners who don’t want to become victims of teenage antics or break-ins by costume-clad thieves. Below are a few of our favorite Halloween safety tips to keep your family and home safe.

1. Make Your Home Look Occupied
Turning off all your lights may be an easy way to lure away Halloween-goers from ringing your doorbell, but it gives thieves an open invitation to break in to your home. Automated lighting allows you to program specific lights to turn on as it gets dark or when you’re away from your home. Having lights on makes your home look occupied, so thieves look the other way when searching for homes to break in to.

2. Doorbell Camera
Doorbell cameras have become the home security industry’s hottest new item of 2017. They allow you to see everyone who comes to the door, which means not only can you keep an eye on any suspicious activity, but you’ll also be alerted when your doorbell is rung.

3. Security Cameras
Installing security cameras around your home gives you an added level of protection. They allow you to see the perimeter of your home, including hard-to-see angles. Whether kids are pulling a prank or suspicious characters are roaming about, you can keep an eye on any strange activity.

4. Talk to Your Neighbors
It’s been said there is strength in numbers, and this holds true when it comes to Halloween safety. It can be a good idea to let a trusted neighbor know that you will be out trick-or-tricking with your family or that you’ll be out of town. That way, they’ll know to be extra vigilant and make sure no one is loitering near your home or trespassing on your property.

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