Halloween Safety Special – Part 2

Halloween is now just a few days away! With so much excitement in the air, it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, the costumes, and the candy…all while forgetting to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your home. Last week, we offered our readers tips for staying safe while being out on the town. Today, we want to remind our readers of the necessary precautions they should take to keep their homes safe and sound this Halloween.


Light up your house. Regardless of whether or not you’re at home on Halloween night, keep several lights on around your house (porch light, front entrance light) to make it seem as though someone is there. Well-lit areas can help deter potential intruders.

Turn on your home security system! This is a big one on Halloween. Random strangers will most likely be wandering around your neighborhood and potentially knocking at your door, most likely in search of tasty treats. More so, even familiar faces may be unrecognizable thanks to masks, face paint, and other costumes.
It is also a good idea to adjust your security camera settings on Halloween. Have them focus on your doors and windows, as well as on your front entrance area and even slightly beyond that into the streets around your house.

In addition to making sure that you arm your home security system if you go out, double check that all windows and doors are locked before you leave your home.

If you anticipate trick-or-treaters coming to your doorstep, always check the peephole before opening the door. Another alternative could be to simply leave a bowl of pre-wrapped candy on your doorstep and watch the trick-or-treaters from your security cameras inside the safety of your secured home.