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Post Christmas Trash Safety

Now that Christmas has passed and presents have been opened, trash is piling up everywhere. Wrapping paper, bags, and the boxes that your gifts came in can take up a lot of space. Your first instinct may be to put everything out on your curb ahead of your trash day. Doing so can make you… Read more »

3 Ways to Avoid Getting Your Package Stolen During the Holidays

The holiday season, unfortunately, always sees a spike in burglaries and theft. We have all watched the home security camera footage on Facebook or the news of an innocent homeowner getting their just-delivered package stolen from their front door. While you feel that this could never happen to you, it is one of the highest… Read more »

Kids Full of Surprises? Sting Alarm Has You Covered!

When you’re a parent, life is full of surprises. Some of them more welcome than others. Kids made you breakfast in bed? That’s cute. Kids got into the garage and painted the floor purple? That’s not cute at all. To protect you and your kids from bad ideas that seemed good at the time, Sting… Read more »

How to choose a Security System

When you think about home security you might imagine a security system with a outdated keypad that was already in the house when you moved in. Those traditional systems only worked when you remembered to arm then and someone tried to break in, which wasn’t very often. They also had significant vulnerabilities like the system… Read more »

Tips to Protect Your Home on Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and whether you will be handing out candy from your front door, trick-or-treating with your family, or away on business, it can be a worrisome time for homeowners who don’t want to become victims of teenage antics or break-ins by costume-clad thieves. Below are a few of our favorite Halloween safety tips to keep… Read more »