Home Burglaries

“No Force” Burglaries on the rise in Las Vegas

Having your home broken into has unfortunately become just another bump in the road for most homeowners, especially for those in Las Vegas where home burglaries are on the rise.

The most concerning statistic is that the amount of “No Force” burglaries is quickly rising. A burglary is considered “No Force” when the thief enters your home through an unlocked door, open window or open garage door. These types of burglaries are easily preventable by keeping your doors/windows locked and your garage door closed when not in use. This may seem like easy task but with our lives getting busier and more hectic everyday, it is easier said than done.

A Smart Home Security System from Sting Alarm Las Vegas can help you lock your doors, close your garage door, and even remind you if you left a door or window is left completely open. Thanks to the help of our technology partners at Alarm.com, you can set up “Smart Alerts” within your Smart Home Security System to notify you if you left a door or window open.

Your Smart Home Security System even learns how you live your everyday life and can alert you if it notices something out of the ordinary. This technology can help make “No Force” burglaries a thing of the past.

Gun owners have become a new target in home burglaries. Many gun owners still keep their guns unsecured and in very obvious locations such as a nightstand in the master bedroom making it very easy for burglars to find.

Gun safes are the easiest way to keep your guns safe and out of the hands of burglars. An added layer of protection can be added by placing a Smart Home Alarm System sensor on its door. This will allow you to get alerted anytime your gun safe’s door has been opened.

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