Maintenance for Security Cameras in Las Vegas


With the growing prevalence of professional security systems in homes and businesses throughout Las Vegas, it is essential to prioritize the proper upkeep of cameras to ensure their peak performance.  Security cameras are strategically positioned in residential and commercial buildings, both indoors and outdoors, to detect potential hazards and safeguard families and properties. Maintaining their cleanliness and upkeep is necessary for optimal performance. Indoor cameras should be dusted regularly and positioned out of the way, while outdoor cameras withstand various environmental factors such as changing seasons, weather conditions, dirt, bird droppings, insects, and more.

Indoor Camera Maintenance:

Maintaining indoor security cameras is essential for them to reach their optimal performance and prolong their lifespan. Here are some tips to keep your indoor security cameras in good condition:

Clean the lenses: Indoor cameras can accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris, which can affect the quality of the video footage. To keep the lenses clean, gently wipe them with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they can scratch or damage the lens.

Keep them out of the way: Position your indoor cameras in a spot where they won’t be obstructed by furniture or other objects. This will not only make certain that the camera has an unobstructed view, but also prevent accidental damage from objects knocking into the camera.

Check the wiring: Indoor cameras are typically wired to a power source or recording device, so it’s important to check the wiring periodically to assure that it is intact and not damaged. If you notice any damage to the wiring, have it repaired or replaced immediately.

Wireless cameras check the Wi-Fi: Make sure the camera is receiving power from its source. If the camera is battery-powered, ensure the batteries are fully charged and that the camera is connected to the Wi-Fi network with a strong signal. If the signal is too weak or intermittent, consider moving the camera or installing a Wi-Fi extender. Check for any available updates to the camera’s firmware and install them if necessary. This can improve the camera’s performance and address any known issues.

Regularly test the camera: Check the video feed from your indoor camera regularly to ensure that it’s functioning properly. If you notice any issues, such as poor image quality or connectivity problems, troubleshoot the problem or seek professional help.

Outdoor Cameras Maintenance:

Las Vegas outdoor security cameras are exposed to unique environmental factors that require extra attention to keep up their optimal performance. Outdoor equipment endures temperatures up to 140 degrees, strong winds, dust storms and other elements. These factors can cause the camera lens to become dirty or obstructed, resulting in poor image quality or even total failure. Here are some tips to keep outdoor security cameras in good condition:

Clean the camera lens regularly: Dust and debris can accumulate on the camera lens and obstruct the view. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the lens regularly. Avoid using abrasive materials or cleaners that can scratch or damage the lens.

Keep them clean from bugs and spiders: These unwanted pests can easily build webs and nests around the camera lens, obstructing the view and affecting the performance of the camera. To prevent this, use a soft-bristled brush or a can of compressed air to remove any visible debris or cobwebs. You can also use insect repellent sprays or strips around the camera to deter bugs from building webs or nesting in the vicinity.

Protect the camera from direct sunlight: Exposure to direct sunlight can cause the camera lens to deteriorate over time. Therefore, it is important to keep the camera away from direct sunlight and ensure that it is not exposed to heavy rain or extreme weather conditions.

Check the wiring: Make sure to check the wiring connecting the camera to the power source or recording device to verify that it is intact and not damaged. Faulty wiring can cause the camera to malfunction or stop working altogether.

Wireless cameras: Same as indoor wireless cameras.

Keep the area around the camera clear: Clear the area around the camera of any obstructions, such as overgrown plants or debris. These obstructions can interfere with the camera’s line of sight and affect its performance.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that common points of entry for potential intruders, such as doors, windows, and garage entrances, should be the primary focus when positioning security cameras. With outdoor cameras positioned in strategic locations, detection of any potential hazards or unauthorized access to properties will allow immediate action to prevent any further damage or theft.

Enhancing Home Security: Common Points of Entry for Burglars vs. AI Technology

Las Vegas home security common entry burglars vs ai technology

Enhancing Home Security: Common Points of Entry for Burglars vs. AI Technology

Protecting one’s family and property is a top priority for homeowners, which is why home security is a consideration that should not be overlooked.  While traditional measures such as locks and alarms can help prevent burglaries, many intruders are still able to find vulnerabilities and enter homes undetected. That’s where AI technology comes in – by providing advanced features that can detect and deter criminal activity, enhancing home security and providing homeowners with greater peace of mind.

Let’s examine the common points of entry that burglars use to gain access to homes, the commonalities that are reoccurring factors in home invasions and how AI technology can combat them. By identifying the weak points in your home and learning how to address them effectively, you can create a more secure environment for your loved ones and property.

The majority of burglaries occur during the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM. This time frame is when homes are empty due to work, school and errands, they find it easier to target homes and make their escape without being caught. Furthermore, the daytime hours provide better cover for intruders as there are fewer observers, and neighboring homes may also be empty, providing an opportunity to break-in unnoticed.

They often seek out easy points of entry into a home, preferring to avoid more complicated methods that might draw attention to themselves. By targeting vulnerable entry points, burglars increase their chances of going unnoticed and being able to quickly enter and exit a property.


Common Points

According to FBI statistics, home invasions often start on the first floor, accounting for 81% of all cases. The following are the most common points of entry for home break-ins on all floors of the house:

Front door:  34% often attempt to enter through the front door, especially if it is not well secured or if the lock is weak.

First-floor windows: 23% use windows if they are left unlocked or are not equipped with sturdy locks.

Back door: 22% use the back door, particularly if it obstructed from view, not visible from the street or properly secured.

Garage: 9% gain entry to a home through the garage, particularly if it is attached to the house and the door is not secure.

Unsecured areas, storage and sheds: 6% will attempt to gain access through any opening that is not properly secured or locked down.

Basement: 4% gain access through basements since they are often overlooked, making them an attractive target.

Second-story windows: 2% for those willing to climb to a second-story window usually accessible via a tree or other objects.

Commonalities found in burglarized homes have been identified through investigations of home invasions, which include:

Easy entry points: They often look for easy entry points to homes, such as unlocked doors or windows, or those with weak locks. In some cases, they may also use force to break open doors or windows.

Lack of security measures: Homes without any security measures, such as cameras, alarms, or motion sensors, are more vulnerable to break-ins.

Absence of occupants: Home invasions are more likely to occur when no one is home, making it easier to move around undetected and take their time stealing items.

Poor lighting: Homes that are not well-lit, especially the exterior, provide good hiding places and increase the likelihood of break-ins.

Valuables visible from outside: Expensive electronics or jewelry, are more likely to be targeted

Lack of neighborhood watch: Neighborhoods without active watch programs or where neighbors are not vigilant about suspicious activity are more likely to experience home invasions.

Routine patterns: Burglars often target homes where the occupants have predictable patterns, such as leaving for work at the same time every day, making it easier to plan a break-in.


AI Technology

Installing a home security system can help deter some burglaries, but an AI smart cameras system provides extra advantages that can be utilized even when you are away from home. Let’s explore how AI smart home security system features that can help combat home invasions:

Motion detection: detects movement in and around the home, triggering alerts to the homeowner or law enforcement in the event of suspicious activity.

Facial recognition: Some AI home security systems are equipped with facial recognition technology, which can detect and recognize known intruders, and alert the homeowner or law enforcement immediately.

Real-time monitoring: provides real-time monitoring of the home, allowing homeowners to keep an eye on their property even when they are away.

Smart locks: can be locked and unlocked remotely via a smartphone app, providing homeowners with greater control over who can access their property.

Integration with other smart home devices: Such as smart lighting or smart thermostats, to create a more comprehensive and interconnected security system.

AI technology is effective in securing all common entry points and addressing vulnerabilities to deter break-ins.  Plus, by keeping your home looking lived-in you can create the impression that someone is always present, deterring potential robbers from targeting your property.


FBI. Crime In The U.S. 2019, Accessed 12 September 2019.


Author: With over 20 years of experience, Sting Alarm is a Las Vegas-based company that specializes in providing top-notch security systems and fire protection for both residential and commercial properties.

Protecting Your Amazon Deliveries with Outdoor Security Cameras this Holiday Season

There’s never been a better time to shop online for the holidays. After the pandemic, the popularity of ordering presents and seasonal needs online became even more popular. But the joys of the season can be diminished by the dreaded porch pirates ready to steal your packages from your porch.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to stay home through this season, a smart home security system with exterior cameras and a doorbell camera let you monitor the packages on your doorstep from the holiday party, the mall, the strip, or anywhere you happen to be.

One of the best places to put security cameras is on your front porch so you can watch for packages to arrive and keep them secure. Follow these steps to make sure your gifts go to the right people this year.

Sign Up for Notifications to Always Know Where Your Packages Are

One of the best things you can do to protect your gifts is to sign up for Fed Ex, UPS, and USPS alerts. That way, you know when to expect your packages so you can make arrangements. Whether that’s making sure someone is home or putting a smart lock on your door that you can unlock for the person who delivers.

Open the door no matter where you are when someone pushes the doorbell so they can set your boxes inside and then lock the door once they leave.

Hide Gifts Behind the Protection of Smart Security

We all know that hiding Christmas presents from kids can be difficult, but smart security makes it easier. Hide them out of sight in a closet and then add a contact sensor to the door. You’ll get alerts when the kids are getting too close to the location so you can stop them.

Make Your House Less Attractive to Burglars

Burglars don’t like security cameras, so keep them at bay by installing a security system with video cameras. A smart system allows you to control everything, even from a distance. Set up alerts to notify you of suspicious activity. Today’s outdoor security cameras can even tell the difference between animals, vehicles, and people.

These intelligent security systems aren’t your parent’s old equipment because you’re always in control. Customize alerts, so you only receive the ones you need and use home automation to lock up your house even if you’re already in bed.

Contact Sting Alarm for more information on how you can protect your home, family, and packages this holiday season with the latest in home security and automation.

Sting Alarm

Hiring a Las Vegas home security company can ensure your home stays safe and secure. Las Vegas home security companies offer the latest monitoring and security features to inform authorities via video clips or photos if a break-in or threat occurs. To learn more about the best Las Vegas home security companies, visit Sting Alarm.
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Elf On The Shelf: 4 Ideas To Get Your Elf On This Christmas

Ever since the Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition was published in 2005, it’s been a fun tradition that families look forward to every year. Here it is for those of you who don’t know the story. Since Santa can’t be everywhere to see who is naughty and nice, he hides elves in people’s homes who gather intel. Then they fly home to the North Pole during the night to tell Santa whether the kids have been nice or naughty. Parents move the elf every night to a new place, so the kids play hide and seek each day up until Christmas.

Now that you know about this fun tradition, here are some great ideas to get your elf on at home this holiday season.

1.      Elf on a Shelf Snowball Fight

The elf on the Shelf snowball fight is a popular one many families use because it can be done in so many ways. Some put the elf on a pile of marshmallows, while others use cotton or pieces of paper balled up. One cute way is to set your elf on the shelf outside, especially if there’s snow. Then the kids can find him on the way to school, or you can tell them to look at the doorbell, or outdoor camera feeds to see what their elf is doing.

2.      Elf on the Shelf Reindeer

Did you know that’s Santa’s elves have pets? It’s probably not surprising that they love reindeer. Get the cute reindeer that kids will love and focus some of your elf on the shelf ideas with him. The kids will love that their elf has a pet just like they do.

3.      Elf on the Shelf North Pole Breakfast

Some families love ringing in the holiday season with an Elf on the Shelf North Pole breakfast. It’s the perfect way to reintroduce the elf to your kids this year while having some holiday fun. You can go all out and create fun printables, like a letter to Santa, or a report with some fun facts about your kid’s favorite elf. Serve up their favorite foods and count down the days until Christmas.

4.      Elf on the Shelf Games

Did you know there are all kinds of fun free Elf on the Shelf games for the kids and ideas for parents? Plus, if a family game night is something you do regularly, you can hide the elf in the games or use him to introduce the next board game for game night.

There are so many fun things you can do with your Elf on the Shelf. You can even use your smart home security to make it a game and help them spy on their elf to make sure HE or SHE behaves.

Use the’s Seasonal Santa Claus Security Feature

Did you know you can catch Santa on your security camera? How fun will that be for the kids? First, make sure your security app is updated and then open it. Next, tap the Santa icon on the menu to get a still photo from the security camera. Choose from one of the Santa images. There are black and white ones for nighttime and colored ones for a daylight Santa snapshot. You can even edit the photo in the app, and then when the kids get up the following day, show them your picture.


The kids will be delighted and shocked that you have actual photo proof of Santa’s visit.

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Consider This Before Getting Home Security Cameras in Las Vegas

Traditional Security Cameras in Las Vegas can only go so far. If you really want to keep your home protected, you will need to invest in the latest security cameras and devices. One of the reasons why smart home security cameras have become the go-to option for many homeowners in Las Vegas is because they provide real-time security, as in, they are able to alert the authorities of any suspicious activity around the house so that the authorities can then take action. There are many other good reasons why you should invest in smart security cameras in Las Vegas. Here are just some of them. 

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