Christmas Safety

Post Christmas Trash Safety

Now that Christmas has passed and presents have been opened, trash is piling up everywhere. Wrapping paper, bags, and the boxes that your gifts came in can take up a lot of space. Your first instinct may be to put everything out on your curb ahead of your trash day. Doing so can make you a big target for burglars. It’s an easy way for thieves to discover all the new, and maybe expensive, items that they can steal from your home, with the most apparent being TVs. Thieves take their time to drive through neighborhoods and find home that they can raid later.

Here are a few ways to make your home less of a target:

  • Take big boxes to a recycling center
  • Cut up big boxes so they fit inside your trash or recycle bins
  • Wait to put out your trash until the morning that it’s picked up
  • Install a Smart Home Alarm System with video cameras to sway burglars away

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