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3 Ways to Avoid Getting Your Package Stolen During the Holidays

The holiday season, unfortunately, always sees a spike in burglaries and theft. We have all watched the home security camera footage on Facebook or the news of an innocent homeowner getting their just-delivered package stolen from their front door. While you feel that this could never happen to you, it is one of the highest growing types of theft reported in the United States. Here are 3 ways to avoid getting your packages stolen during the holidays:

  1. Security Camera
    The best option is to install an outdoor security camera or doorbell camera pointing at your front door. This is a great deterrent for criminals and can help prevent package theft. When your package is delivered to your home, you can alert a trusted neighbor or family member to pick up and hold on to your package until you come home.
  2. Smart Lockers
    Companies like Amazon now allow you to have your packages delivered to a designated Smart Locker of your choice. When your package is delivered, it is placed in a secure locker that only you can open with a unique code provided to you over e-mail.
  3. Require a Signature upon Delivery
    Many customers hate having to sign for packages when they are delivered. Not requiring this allows couriers to leave your package at your front door which makes you an easy target for thieves.

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